I also hit the same problem and opened the Issue [1].
As the comment in the link says, you need to create the network beforehand.
Or, adding rootless_networking = "cni" under the [containers] section of ~/.config/containers/containers.conf

[1] https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/11396
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2021年9月3日(金) 9:21 Till Backhaus <till@backha.us>:



Sorry to bother you with this. I cannot reach a running container via network using podman machine.

I installed podman (3.3.0) via homebrew on macos (bigsur 11.5.2).

I created a machine using

> podman machine init

which I then started using

> podman machine start

I then started a nginx container

> podman run -p 8000:80 --rm docker://nginx


I’d expect to reach the container on localhost:8000 via curl

> curl localhost:8000

> curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8000: Connection refused

But the port forwarding is configured for the machine only


Inside the machine the port is forwarded:

> podman machine ssh

> curl localhost:8000

> <!DOCTYPE html>

> …


If automatic port forwarding is not possible I’d expect to be able to reach the machine on it’s ip address. I don’t reach the machines ip (got it from it ip addr from inside the machine) either.


I didn’t find anything on this matter in the docs https://docs.podman.io/en/latest/ . What am I missing?


Thank you so much for your time!

Best regards,



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