Thanks for sharing that StackOverflow list. I must admit, I hadn't thought to use that as a source. Brilliant in it's simplicity! Quite useful to me as a Product Manager too :-)

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 11:12 AM Erik Sjölund <> wrote:
Thanks for the foreword. Very interesting.
I also think that an author-produced FAQ and a "sampled from
real-world" FAQ can be quite different.
Another thing:
The most popular at Stackoverflow is:
There is any “Podman Compose”?

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 1:23 PM Robert P. J. Day <> wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jun 2020, Daniel Walsh wrote:
> > Here are some of the questions we have now.
> >
> > Q: What is Podman?
> > Q: How is Docker different from Podman?
> > Q: Can Podman run all container images stored at container registries
> > like the Docker hub?
> > Q: What does “rootless” mean?
> > Q: What does the name “Podman” mean?
> > Q: What is a POD?
> > Q: What is the difference between Buildah and Podman?
> > Q: Can I use Podman to run Kubernetes?
> > Q: Can Podman run containers on Windows?
> > Q: My rootless container doesn’t have an IP address; is this a bug?
> > Q: Does Podman require containerd or CRI-O?
> > Q: Where’s the documentation for Podman?
> > Q: Does Podman work with Docker?
> > Q: Can Docker and Podman be installed at the same time on a system.
> >
> > But we would love to hear from you on what questions you would like to
> > have answered.  Including the Answer would also be appreciated.
> >
> > Please fire away.
>   i am reminded of the brilliant foreword to o'reilly's book on
> subversion, where one of the authors discusses what makes a good FAQ:
> "A bad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet is one that is composed
> not of the questions people actually ask, but of the questions the
> FAQ's author wishes people would ask. Perhaps you've seen the type
> before:
>   Q: How can I use Glorbosoft XYZ to maximize team productivity?
>   A: Many of our customers want to know how they can maximize
> productivity through our patented office groupware innovations. The
> answer is simple. First, click on the File menu, scroll down to
> Increase Productivity, then…
> "The problem with such FAQs is that they are not, in a literal sense,
> FAQs at all. No one ever called the tech support line and asked, “How
> can we maximize productivity?” Rather, people asked highly specific
> questions, such as “How can we change the calendaring system to send
> reminders two days in advance instead of one?” and so on. But it's a
> lot easier to make up imaginary Frequently Asked Questions than it is
> to discover the real ones. Compiling a true FAQ sheet requires a
> sustained, organized effort: over the lifetime of the software,
> incoming questions must be tracked, responses monitored, and all
> gathered into a coherent, searchable whole that reflects the
> collective experience of users in the wild. It calls for the patient,
> observant attitude of a field naturalist. No grand hypothesizing, no
> visionary pronouncements here—open eyes and accurate note-taking are
> what's needed most."
>   it strikes me that some of the questions above sort of fall into
> that camp. i would think many of them should be addressed in a
> "getting started" guide which introduces the tools, leaving the FAQ
> for much more specific issues that people run into.
>   either that, or clearly mark the first part of the FAQ as "general
> knowledge", something like that.
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