On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 6:25 PM Reinhard Tartler <siretart@gmail.com> wrote:

I've just uploaded podman 2.0.3 to debian/unstable: https://tracker.debian.org/news/1163083/accepted-libpod-203dfsg1-1-source-into-unstable/ and expect it to migrate to testing within the next week.

I've also uploaded podman 2.0.2 to Ubuntu/groovy: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpod/2.0.2+dfsg1-3ubuntu1 -- It is currently still stuck in the "proposed" pocket (apparently there are some test regression related to libselinux 3.1), but I'll keep an eye on it and make sure to get 2.0.3 (or later) ends up in the upcoming Ubuntu 20.10 release.

Thank you so much for your work, Reinhard! It's highly appreciated.

Both Debian and Ubuntu have a huge user base and having Podman in their official repositories is a big step for the project.

Kind regards,

PS: this is my first post to this mailing list. I hope this email is on-topic.

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 5:43 AM Daniel Walsh <dwalsh@redhat.com> wrote:

Mainly bugfix release.  Please try this out.  Please try this out.  We would like to know if there are any issues, before it gets released to your favorite distributions.

@mheon mheon released this 16 hours ago · 364 commits to master since this release


  • The podman search command now allows wildcards in search terms.
  • The podman play kube command now supports the IfNotPresent pull type.


  • The --disable-content-trust flag has been added to Podman for Docker compatibility. This is a Docker-specific option and has no effect in Podman; it is provided only to ensure command line compatibility for scripts (#7034).
  • Setting a static IP address or MAC address for rootless containers and pods now causes an error; previously, they were silently ignored.
  • The /sys/dev folder is now masked in containers to prevent a potential information leak from the host.


  • Fixed a bug where rootless Podman would select the wrong cgroup manager on cgroups v1 systems where the user in question had an active systemd user session (#6982).
  • Fixed a bug where systems with Apparmor could not run privileged containers (#6933).
  • Fixed a bug where ENTRYPOINT and CMD from images were improperly handled by podman play kube (#6995).
  • Fixed a bug where the --pids-limit flag to podman create and podman run was parsed incorrectly and was unusable (#6908).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman system df command would error if untagged images were present (#7015).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman images command would display incorrect tags if a port number was included in the repository.
  • Fixed a bug where Podman did not set a default umask and default rlimits (#6989).
  • Fixed a bug where protocols in port mappings were not recognized unless they were lower-case (#6948).
  • Fixed a bug where information on pod infra containers was not included in the output of podman pod inspect.
  • Fixed a bug where Podman's systemd detection (activated by the enabled-by-default --systemd=true flag) would not flag a container for systemd mode if systemd was part of the entrypoint, not the command (#6920).
  • Fixed a bug where podman start --attach was not defaulting --sig-proxy to true (#6928).
  • Fixed a bug where podman inspect would show an incorrect command (podman system service, the command used to start the server) for containers created by a remote Podman client.
  • Fixed a bug where the podman exec command with the remote client would not print output if the -t or -i flags where not provided.
  • Fixed a bug where some variations of the --format {{ json . }} to podman info (involving added or removed whitespace) would not be accepted (#6927).
  • Fixed a bug where Entrypoint could not be cleared at the command line (if unset via --entrypoint="", it would be reset to the image's entrypoint) (#6935).


  • Fixed a bug where the events endpoints (both libpod and compat) could potentially panic on parsing filters.
  • Fixed a bug where the compat Create endpoint for containers did not properly handle Entrypoint and Command.
  • Fixed a bug where the Logs endpoint for containers (both libpod and compat) would not properly handle client disconnect, resulting in high CPU usage.
  • The type of filters on the compat events endpoint has been adjusted to match Docker's implementation (#6899).
  • The idle connection counter now properly handles hijacked connections.
  • All endpoints that hijack will now properly print headers per RFC 7230 standards.


  • Updated containers/common to v0.14.6
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