I probably misused podman. I do not use it for creating pods. I use podman as a substitute for Docker.

I want to build a GitHub Pull Requst builder for ABAP projects. I want to start a fresh container for every
build. Every new container gets its own IP - (not as Docker which starts with My host is RHEL
with not so recent Node which I need to run some ABAP transformations, thus I use another container
with the most recent Node and Python. The tools container must know hostname or IP of the ABAP system
container because ABAP systems are reachable only via TCP. (I cannot rely on the fact that IPs are assigned
sequentially from ...)

I wanted to use `run --link` but it is not supported at all.
I thought I can use `run --net` to share Network NS with the ABAP system but it seems that `--net` has different
semantics than Docker's `--net`.

Eventually I use IP=$(podman inspect --format {{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }} abap) and `podman run --add-host abap:$IP ...`

It so not so convenient but it works for me.

From: Matt Heon
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2019 18:54
To: Filak, Jakub
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Subject: Re: [Podman] linking of containers

On 2019-09-23 16:07, Filak, Jakub wrote:
>Do you plan to add `--link` to`podman run`?

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No, we don't presently have plans to add `--link` support. We prefer
pods for allowing inter-container communication.

If you have a use-case for which pods don't work, we'd be interested
in hearing about it.

Matt Heon