It's possible, but it would require running the container in a privileged mode. It would essentially mitigate any security benefit you get from running the MTA in containers.

I would recommend copying all of these files into a directory in /srv dedicated to the service (in this case the MTA). For example, I would create a directory structure something like:


Then, I would bind mount each of these in. This is what I do for Mediawiki, MySQL, and Wordpress. Sadly, I don't think I've created a GitHub repo to show people how to do it.

Personally, I also run systemd in the container (because I hate reverse engineering startup scripts) and I run the whole thing read-only. IMHO, thisngives me a balance of security and convenience. 

If you don't run systemd, you could even run rootless.

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On Sun, Mar 22, 2020, 9:18 PM Philip Rhoades <> wrote:

I want to have a MTA running from a container but is it possible for the
containerised MTA:

1. to deliver mails to users on the host's file system dir (eg

2. to have access to the host's:


files for users who are logging in to the host to look at their mails?


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