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On 25/05/2021 08:45, Valentin Rothberg wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for reaching out.
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>     Hi guys.
>     Trying "regular" podman generated systemd service unit
>     with
>     systemd fails with also what I could have fiddled into
>     it so
>     I wonder - if a rootless container, created and
>     managed by a
>     non-root user can be given to systemd(system's, not
>     user's)
>     for complete management?
> I have a hard time brain-parsing the question.  Can you
> rephrase the question (and ideally share a reproducer)?
> Are you attempting to run a systemd /system/ unit with the
> User=... field?
Short answer - yes.
a) You have your systemd service definition generated by a
non-root(and container also in whole "belongs" to that user)
b) Now you want system's sytemd(not user's) to have it to
manage(from /etc/systemd/ .. system or user, whichever
would/should work)

Unfortunately that doesn't work well.  Last time we checked there were a number of issues.  A big blocker was that systemd threw an error on the created PID and CID files.  At the moment, user services must be started by this specific user.

Kind regards,
thanks, L.
> Kind regards,
>  Valentin
>     many thanks, L.
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