Hi all!

I will rename Podman Machine (podman-machine) and Docker Machine (docker-machine)
to avoid using the Red Hat and Docker trademarks and mixup with "podman machine".

My new project ended up being called Ice Machine, since it's used with Floe Linux.

Once the new feature stabilizes, I can add a link from the old web sites as well.
Like from <https://podman.io/blogs/2019/01/14/podman-machine-and-boot2podman.html>

Currently it says to use Vagrant and Fedora, rather than Podman and Fedora CoreOS


PS. The remaining projects will stay up, but are not further developed
beyond Podman 1.9.3 and Docker 19.03 as presented in the "port-mortem.

It was still used in previous versions of minishift and minikube, but
has been forked and adapted to each project instead of being shared...