Not seeing this on 3.2.2, maybe they've already fixed it

podman -v                                                                                                                                     
podman version 3.2.2

$ podman images|head                                                                                                                             
REPOSITORY                        TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED        SIZE
<none>                            <none>      5bc70509b394  2 days ago     2.05 GB
<none>                            <none>      0a18417f11d1  2 days ago     2.01 GB
docker.io/library/postgres        latest      b2fcd079c1d4  2 days ago     322 MB
docker.io/rockylinux/rockylinux   latest      333da17614b6  4 weeks ago    234 MB
docker.io/docker/getting-started  latest      083d7564d904  6 weeks ago    29.6 MB
docker.io/library/httpd           latest      f3cffeea581b  2 months ago   142 MB
docker.io/restic/restic           latest      f9515c5bc657  5 months ago   33.2 MB
docker.io/library/ruby            2.5.7       1de9aa172c47  16 months ago  866 MB


On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 5:00 PM Manvendra Bhangui <mbhangui@gmail.com> wrote:
Not a big deal. podman crashes when output is fed to any program that closes input before reading the full output from podman
Maybe SIGPIPE needs to be handled

$ podman images|head
REPOSITORY                                 TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED         SIZE
localhost/tinydnssec                       alpine      d28977cc2347  40 minutes ago  98.5 MB
localhost/indimail                         alpine      9c520b04ccda  2 days ago      547 MB
localhost/indimail-mta                     alpine      3ced90144c5b  3 days ago      252 MB
localhost/indimail-mta                     tumbleweed  999a86c2bc61  12 days ago     413 MB
localhost/indimail-mta                     leap15.3    899596f466a1  12 days ago     500 MB
localhost/indimail-mta                     debian10    f3a8194282d7  3 weeks ago     306 MB
registry.opensuse.org/opensuse/leap        15.3        accc3d285fe7  3 weeks ago     108 MB
registry.opensuse.org/opensuse/leap        latest      accc3d285fe7  3 weeks ago     108 MB
docker.io/library/almalinux                8           7a497d63e726  3 weeks ago     216 MB

signal 13 received but handler not on signal stack
fatal error: non-Go code set up signal handler without SA_ONSTACK flag

runtime stack:
runtime.throw(0x558c5d761f18, 0x39)
        /usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/panic.go:1117 +0x74 fp=0xc000658cb8 sp=0xc000658c88 pc=0x558c5c3a9d34
        /usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/signal_unix.go:918 +0x85 fp=0xc000658cd8 sp=0xc000658cb8 pc=0x558c5c3c1e65
runtime.adjustSignalStack(0xc00000000d, 0xc000184400, 0xc000658d58, 0x558c5dc4bf00)
        /usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/signal_unix.go:509 +0x285 fp=0xc000658d30 sp=0xc000658cd8 pc=0x558c5c3c0d05
runtime.sigtrampgo(0xd, 0xc000658f30, 0xc000658e00)
        /usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/signal_unix.go:449 +0x13f fp=0xc000658da8 sp=0xc000658d30 pc=0x558c5c3c097f
runtime: unexpected return pc for runtime.sigtramp called from 0x7f08d4cf1320
stack: frame={sp:0xc000658da8, fp:0xc000658e00} stack=[0xc000650cd8,0xc0006590d8)
000000c000658ca8:  000000c000658cc8  0000558c5c3c1e65 <runtime.sigNotOnStack+133>
000000c000658cb8:  0000558c5d761f18  0000000000000039

Full output here

Regards Manvendra - http://www.indimail.org
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