My recommendation would be to wait a few weeks. I have committed to driving some major changes to the upstream docs. You are now on my list as the "third amigo" if you are OK with that. I'm planning on creating a branch to work on docs, along with a development docs site (I need to work on that). Then, I will reach out, and we can all hack on it. Does that work?

P.S. We have a Read The Docs site today:

Automatically built from here:

Tom Sweeney is planning on adding a link to the RTD site from very soon. We have docs, it just needs a lil love, that's all :-)

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On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 3:41 PM Robert P. J. Day <> wrote:
On Thu, 16 Apr 2020, Brent Baude wrote:

> In the last few days, the Podman development team has been working
> to release Podman-1.9.0.  This is likely to be the last Podman-1.X
> release before we transition to Podman-2.x.  We have been working
> since November 2019 to make a significant overhaul of Podman’s
> architecture. And if we did our job correctly, most casual Podman
> users will not notice a difference. We will continue to investigate
> and fix issues in Podman-1.x versions but severity of the bug and
> priority will dictate our response.

  ... snip ...

  is the 2.0 development stream available? one of the things i'm
interested in doing is helping with the documentation, particularly
since i want to use it as the basis for a course or two. i'm also in
the process of working with sphinx on another project, so the libpod
use of sphinx is convenient.

  anyway, is the 2.0 content cloneable?

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