I think you are confusing two things.

A.  How the GitHub platform works
B.  What a GitHub Action is

While it is useful to know about A.,
I am more interested in B., and having GitHub Actions implemented for podman.

In my initial e-mail, I posted links to various GitHub Actions which are implemented
in GitHub Repositories.  These Actions can be used to do various things like
install docker toolchains, build containers, and push containers to registries,
all using GitHub runner infrastructure.

The actual implementation of these GitHub Actions is done in various languages.
For example, is implemented inTypeScript/JavaScript.

Actions implemented in the organization are implemented by Docker (the company),
so it is unlikely that they would be interested in adding podman support to these Actions.

If there were a set of equivalent GitHub Actions implemented in the organization
that worked with podman/buildah, that might be interesting to have.

On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 2:32 PM Scott McCarty <> wrote:
    I think this is a question for GitHub, as Red Hat doesn't definitively know what GitHub software does. That said, I did a quick look at this [1] and see that "GitHub provides Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS runners to run your workflows" so I doubt it. 

So, in a perfect world, I'd file an RFE with GitHub for:
1. Add RHEL/Fedora option as a runner
2. Add actions for Podman

If you file these, this is something I can definitely push with our partner team who works with GitHub.

Best Regards
Scott M

On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 12:43 PM Craig Rodrigues <> wrote:

For Docker, there are a number of GitHub Actions with good documentation that can be used
to build containers, and push them to registries using docker build/buildx.

I've started using these Actions:


These docs and actions are actually quite good when setting up
automation in GitHub for building/pushing containers.

Are there equivalent GitHub Actions for using podman?

I still think that podman/buildah are overall better tools for building containers
than Docker.

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