On 12/11/20 10:15, Tom Sweeney wrote:

In preparation for the Podman v3.0 release, targeted for delivery on Fedora 33 in late January and other distributions soon thereafter, the varlink library that supported the Podman v1.0 API has been removed from the upstream codebase.  In addition to that, the libpod.conf file that was the original file use for holding Podman configuration variables and values has also been removed from the upstream codebase.

This means any custom changes to this file will no longer be used, and should be added to containers.conf.

Starting with Podman v2.0, a new Podman v2.0 RESTFul API was provided to replace the v1.0 API.  Around that same time, the containers.conf file was created to take the place of the libpod.conf file.  Any changes to the libpod.conf file that you have made should be transferable to the containers.conf file.

For more information, please see the recent post on podman.io (https://podman.io/blogs/2020/12/11/remove-varlink-libpod-conf-notice.html).

Thanks to all in the community who helped Podman reach this milestone.

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