LOL.  Just check Red Hat downloads, latest version for Podman x86_64 shows 3.3.1-9.






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Hi Christopher,


your podman version is very old. I recommend updating to a more recent version, the network support has improved significantly. With podman version 3.2 you are also able to use it as rootless.




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I’m running Podman version 1.4.2-stable2 on RHEL 8.1.  Any basic network commands that I try and run fail via sudo/non-sudo.  Not sure why.


sudo podman network create

Error: unrecognized command ‘podman network’

Try ‘podman –help’ for more information



sudo podman network ls

Error: unrecognized command ‘podman network’

Try ‘podman –help’ for more information



Also if I run podman –help | grep “network” , there are two options that are returned:






However there is a directory under /etc/cni/net.d with a file by the name of 87-podman-bridge.conflist.  If I run container as rootfull, it gets its IP address from here.  Do I have to modify this file manually to setup different networks?






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