On 5/17/20 23:55, Philip Rhoades wrote:

I can run the discourse image with docker, export the container and import it as an image into podman.

The script that manages docker discourse containers is:


and is attached.  It would be good if it were possible to just replace all the occurrences of "docker" with "podman", fix version numbers etc and be able to use the script - but can any gurus see dockerisms in the script that will cause podman gotchas for this idea?



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Just a quick look, it looks like it is checking specific version of docker.



  # 3. running recommended docker version
  test=($($docker_path --version))  # Get docker version string
  test=${test[2]//,/}  # Get version alone and strip comma if exists

  # At least minimum docker version
  if compare_version "${docker_min_version}" "${test}"; then
    echo "ERROR: Docker version ${test} not supported, please upgrade to at least ${docker_min_version}, or recommended ${docker_rec_version}"
    exit 1


It is checking out that the Docker daemon is running.

Issues with Docker networking.  The handling of docker_ip will not work.

But looking at this, I think it would be fairly easy to hack up most of it.