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The following commit has removed the fields from the documentation:

The fields have been deprecated in favor of the new `UserNS` field which is more symmetric to the CLI.  The old fields are still functional but we decided to drop them from the docs to not encourage use.

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On Fri, Sep 1, 2023 at 1:28 PM <> wrote:
I'm running a bunch of rootless Podman containers. I noticed that the RemapUsers, RemapUid and RemapGid options (and possibly others that I haven't used) disappeared from the documentation of podman-systemd.unit in 4.5.0.

I barely and partially understood what the options did in the 4.4.0 days when we started using them, but got them working through trial and error.

Here's what we have across the board right now in our Quadlet generators. They still work in 4.5.0, but I'm assuming they'll go away eventually:


With the 0:0:1 options, the root user/group inside the containers are mapped to the regular (non-root) host user/group. We need this, since the container bind mounts volumes from the host and must appear to the host as the regular user while doing so.

The 100:1:1 and 65534:1:1 options have to do with the special _apt user in Debian-based containers; apt drops privileges to that user in some circumstances. I couldn't tell you why remapping those are needed, but not having them caused problems when installing packages inside the containers.

What Quadlet options in Podman >=4.5.0 would be equivalent to the above legacy options?
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