Hi All,

    In case you missed the meeting today, the video recording of the June 2021 Podman Community Meeting is now up at: https://bluejeans.com/s/3fO@uV5g9KF/

    This meeting featured talks about Podman and TYE, Podman v3.2.0, Podman in Kubernetes, Podman Machine updates, and more!

    Also, I've been fighting with the calendar invites in BlueJeans, and I've been told some people have been getting two calendar invites with one of them being erroneous.  I canceled the scheduled meetings in BlueJeans and will be creating a new video conference room for our August 3rd meeting.  Watch for a new link to that in future emails and in the Google calendar invites.  Note, we've decided to not hold the meeting in July due to it being the first day after the July 4th holiday and a number of people will be on vacation, myself included.

    Meeting notes will be up later in the week.

    Best Wishes,