So far running Podman ( non-Root ) on Redhat has been a horrible experience.  It seems to take very little to break Podman.


From breaking when using su or sudo to the directory length issue, these simple normal Unix everyday operations seem to be difficult for development of podman.


I am trying to run a very simple API container using Podman as non-root and at this point I cannot start any containers.


On top of that, workarounds found in searching for solutions also never work. 


For example  these two work arounds do not work.


export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/$(id -u)/bus


systemd-run --scope --user $SHELL


I will admit I am not a Podman expert.  My goal in using Podman over Docker should not require it.  It only needs to perform basic container operations.  Stop/start/rm/run/load


Any help to get this working would be appreciated.


==> podman --version

podman version 3.0.2-dev


x    /etc/*ease[1]: NAME="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"                                                                                                 x

x    /etc/*ease[2]: VERSION="8.4 (Ootpa)"                                                                                                           x

x    /etc/*ease[3]: ID="rhel"                                                                                                                       x

x    /etc/*ease[4]: ID_LIKE="fedora"                 




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