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I am pulling in Matt Heon who's the export on volumes.

On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 2:37 PM Christopher.Miller@gd-ms.com <Christopher.Miller@gd-ms.com> wrote:


Running Podman v3.4.2 and when trying to pull multiple images from an on-prem with Podman we are seeing the following error message:  Podman Exit Code 1


Along with the following error output:



ERRO[0000] Error refreshing volume 0d947f52c097215a516f417e1df5a1fdbf1014743a656ca2d8a8f039d226ad1c: error acquiring lock 3 for volume 0d947f52c097215a516f417e1df5a1fdbf1014743a656ca2d8a8f039d226ad1c: file exists


Right now if we log out of quay via CLI and then log back in, the errors stop. 


A quick search finds this, not sure if I’m on the correct path or not:




If so, these containers do exist in our on-prem registry. 

podman-container-exists is unrelated in this case.  It checks whether a container with the specified name or ID exists and will otherwise exit 1.

The error above occurs when creating/running a container.  It does not yet fit into the picture of being caused by multiple images being pulled in parallel.

Are you doing a `podman run` or `podman pull`?

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