Thanks for the plug Dan. Robert, this is a great place to discuss this. Here's a draft agenda of what I have been working from for my container internals labs [1]. Just to give you a peak into my brain :-) I have implemented #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 in the Basics, and #3 and #4 in the Advanced section, but could flesh out WAY more, just been constrained by time/wants :-)

  1. Introduction

  2. Container Images - Red Hat base images, rhscl image, RHOAR, partner tools (scanners), security (signing, etc

  3. Container Registries -

  4. Container Hosts - Red Hat CoreOS

  5. Container Orchestration - OpenShift

Advanced Container Internals

  1. Intermediate Architecture

  2. Advanced Architecture

  3. Container Standards - OCI and why it helps customers

  4. Container Ecosystem - Buildah/CRI-O/etc

  5. Production Image Builds

  6. Container Performance - plenty around upstream Kube work with Shak's team, and down into the kernel with overlayfs, etc

  7. Container Security - including ecosystem and partners

  8. Container Networking - plenty to plug including ecosystem and partners

  9. Container Storage - all of the work RH does from OpenShift down to RHEL/CoreOS down to Gluster (very good testing story). Block storage (from Hitachi - partner story), etc.


On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 8:06 AM Daniel Walsh <> wrote:
Yes, I think this is a good idea. 

Intro to Containers could definitely take up a day.  Red Hat offers a 2
hour lab at each Red Hat summit, that really digs deap into container
security.  It is self guided and most students really like it. 

Scott McCarty has a 7/8 Self Paced labs that dig deep into containers. 
On 8/16/19 7:23 PM, Tom Sweeney wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I think this mail list is a perfect place to at the very least start up
> the discussion.   Unfortunately the folks with probably the best answers
> are at conferences and/or are doing the PTO thing so they might not
> check in for a bit.  It would be good to hear from Scott McCarty, Dan
> Walsh and William Henry who've done a fair amount of presentations at
> conferences. 
> Just off the top of my head:
> o    What are Containers
> o    The container applications
> o    Quick intro to Buildah
> o    Deeper intro to Podman (Podman uses Buildah when it does `podman
> build`).
> o    Introduction to Dockerfiles
> o    Building a Container image
>     o    Touch on Docker and OCI formats
> o    Building a container
> o    Intro to container registries
>         o
>         o
>         o    Build your own registry
> o    Pulling and Pushing to a Container Registry
> o    Rootless Podman
> o    Security features of Podman
> At least a start there.  For a little deeper dive you could check out
> these resources:
> o  -
> Intro and Rootless tutorials for Podman
> o    Replacing Docker with Podman Demo -
> o    Security Demo -
> o - Slides from a few of the talks that
> might prove useful.
> That should get you going.  Feel free to re-ping here or hit me up
> directly if you'd like,
> t
> On 08/15/2019 01:21 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>   i hope sincerely that this post is not inappropriate for this list
>> -- i'm looking for just *general* advice on what would constitute a
>> decent yet intense 1-day training course on (ahem) "docker."
>>   by way of intro, i've been an open source trainer since the early
>> 90s (anyone remember SCO UNIX? :-), and i've been (and am) an
>> authorized trainer for some red hat courses. recently, some of my
>> regular clients are asking for (you guessed it) classes in "docker"
>> and kubernetes, so here's my plan.
>>   when a client asks for "docker" training, i just mentally map that
>> to "i want to know how work with containers", and i would just use the
>> fedora "podman" and "podman-docker" packages, take two minutes to
>> explain, and go from there. i see no reason to mess with docker when
>> podman exists.
>>   based on my research, it *appears* that i can cover containers and
>> container management in one (admittedly busy) day, without ever
>> getting into kubernetes -- that's a topic for another day. i've
>> already got what looks like a reasonable outline -- i'm simply curious
>> as to what content people on this list would think is a *must-have*
>> for a 1-day intro container course.
>>   (aside: i'm not asking for people to write any content for me --
>> just bullet points that i might overlook.)
>>   i did poke around the net to see who else is offering similar
>> courses to check out their outlines and prices, and there's just one
>> site that i think might amuse/horrify people here. it turns out that,
>> here in ottawa, there is a company that i've seen before offering
>> courses comparable to mine, but for astronomically high prices. what
>> the heck ... i'll just link to it:
>> that's $4045 (CAD) per student for a one-day course ... i have no idea
>> why anyone would register for a 1-day intro docker course at that
>> price but ... whatever.
>>   in any event, i want to design a 1-day intro course that i plan on
>> offering on (naturally) fedora using podman (and maybe a bit of
>> buildah), and all of that content will go up on my publicly-accessible
>> wiki so anyone can read it.
>>   so ... if anyone has pointers to existing course outlines, or just
>> topics that i really better not skip, drop me a note, and i'm going to
>> see how much i can pack into one day of intro container training.
>> rday
>> p.s. followup courses will also ideally be offered on fedora, so i'll
>> be covering podman and buildah and skopeo and ... you get the idea.
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