On 9/2/20 13:36, Anders F Björklund wrote:
You need to export the PODMAN_HOST variable, with the IP of your VM (assuming that you can log in using ssh key, and that the io.podman socket service is running)


Den mån 31 aug. 2020 kl 19:32 skrev <thomas.neal@hcl.com>:
Thanks Ashley, I have installed 1.9.3 on my macOS laptop to match my RHEL8 podman node.  I don't see any commands or flags on the 1.9.3 podman-remote client that allows specifying the remote podman node address, user, etc.  I'm able to successfully run 'podman version', but other commands result in a failure to find conmon

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We don't plan on supporting the varlink podman-remote client in podman 2.0.5, so you would need to use the older client.  We hope to quickly move everyone to podman 2.0 and eliminate Varlink ASAP