May have a look at the kubic project on OBS


Am 19.10.2020 um 21:24 schrieb James Ault via Podman <>:


I learned during the community meeting on Oct 6th that Podman in RHEL 7 is unfortunately frozen at 1.6.4.

Interest in Podman 2.x for RHEL 7 has caused some of our developers to ask if an effort for building Podman and associated tools (skopeo, buildah, networking, etc) with Spack could be explored.

Certainly the best option is to use RHEL distributed RPM packages, but exploring a near term option for RHEL 7 is also important to us.

Are all the necessary pieces available from ?

If multiple git repos are required, we want to make sure to include them all. Are there any other special instructions or areas to use caution?


-James Ault

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