Thanks for the feedback. We have definitely been looking at and thinking about how to ingest Compose yaml. The biggest challenge is standardization. There's no open standard for Compose. Even though it's easy to use, it's basically a trap in that it leads you down a path for multi-container orchestration that is only used by Docker Inc. Everybody else is standardizing on Kube yaml, and that appears to be the direction of the future (even though people are still adopting Compose because it's easy). Basically, we have a race condition where some people are adopting Compose, or already have Compose yaml, and the rest of the world is moving to Kube yaml. Compose yaml is easier, Kubernetes is more powerful. 

It's a really, really tough situation and one of our #1 requests from the community. We took a deep look, talked about it a LOT, and decided that "podman generate kube" and "podman play kube" was the closest we could come to giving users:

1. something easy
2. Something compatible with where the world is going
3. Bridges the gap getting from "podman run" to "kubectl create -f kube.yaml" (which admittedly is painful for a lot of people)
4. Follows open standards
5. Doesn't leave people on a dead end path

All that said, we are still looking at the possibility of a "podman play compose" which would obviously give you an easier path from Compose to Kube. The problem is, that sounds really, really good, but it's much harder to do in reality :-) We need a really good Compose library, and a way to translate that will be sane. Mileage will definitely vary if we ever implement that solution...

Best Regards
Scott M

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 11:04 AM Uwe Reh <reh@hebis.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:
Hi Brent,

Sorry if my provocation wasn't that small, I intended to.

Podman is for a newbie like English for a none native speaker. It is
easy to do first steps, but until you are really experienced there are
lots of traps to step in.

The point I wanted to express was, "It is nice that podman plays
kube.yaml. But how to get the file to play?"
- There seem to bee no automatic way to translate ONE composer.yaml into
ONE kube.yaml. 'Kubernetes kompose' generates multiple and quire verbose
- If someone is able to write his own kube.yaml, he will have probably
no more need for help in converting a composer file.

Again, it was never my intention to criticize your work. But sometimes
even 'good men' do forget that others may not have the same full
featured background of knowledge.


Am 09.09.19 um 16:23 schrieb Brent Baude:
> Uwe,
> I do think my response is applicable. I'm sorry you feel differently.
> To use podman generate kube and podman play kube, you don't need to
> know any kubernetes.  Podman generate simply takes your container or
> pod and "records" it in kube yaml; and podman play simply replays it
> the way it was recorded.  You don't need to have any kubernetes
> knowledge.
> That said, you are correct that it is a different workflow and does not
> cover all container and pod abilities.  We are always trying to close
> the gap there.
> I wish you the best of luck!
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