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I have rmi the image, but when I pull it again, it shows "already exists".

$ podman images
REPOSITORY                                      TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED        SIZE  7.9.2009    eeb6ee3f44bd  10 months ago  212 MB

$ podman rmi eeb6ee3f44bd
Deleted: eeb6ee3f44bd0b5103bb561b4c16bcb82328cfe5809ab675bb17ab3a16c517c9

$ podman pull
Trying to pull
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 0b2dc63a68b9 skipped: already exists 

That indicates the specific "blob" (i.e., the layer) is already present in the local storage.

`rmi` may remove the entire image but it will not remove a layer that is used by another image.  You can run `$ podman image tree --whatrequires centos:7.9.2009` to figure out which image is using this layer.
Copying config eeb6ee3f44 done 
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
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