On 8/9/22 11:29, Doug Rabson wrote:
Over the last few months, I have been working on porting the github.com/containers tool stack to FreeBSD, using the FreeBSD jail subsystem for isolation. This builds on Samuel Karp's earlier work on runj, which is a jail-based OCI runtime.

Since buildah v1.27.0 contains working FreeBSD support for building container images and it looks like this will be vendored into podman quite soon, I would like to get the much larger set of changes for podman on FreeBSD into review somehow.

The complete set of FreeBSD changes is much too large for a single PR, so I'm going to try to take this one file at a time. My plan is approximately:
  1. Add enough stubs to libpod to make it compile on FreeBSD (without working at all)
  2. Pick a file from libpod/*_freebsd.go, ideally with the smallest set of cross dependencies and make a PR which adds the freebsd file and in a small stack of commits, factors out as much as possible of the shared code between linux and freebsd.
  3. Work through review as normal until the PR can be merged.
  4. Go to step 2 unless I'm done.
Does this seem reasonable? It's going to take a while - my working branch has 21 freebsd files with varying degrees of complexity.


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That sounds good to me.