When I migrated a podman container from a google cloud rhel 8.3 vm to a local rhel 8.3 vm, I got the following error when restoring (Checkpoint and restore podman uses CRIU):
persmision:1: Error (criu/files-reg.c:2182): File . has bad mode 040755 (expect 040555)
(00.343223) 1: Error (criu/files.c:1357): Can't open root
(00.343659) Error (criu/cr-restore.c:1560): 163252 exited, status=1
(00.343707) Warn (criu/cr-restore.c:2469): Unable to wait 163252: No child processes
(00.343974) mnt: Switching to new ns to clean ghosts
(00.344242) Error (criu/cr-restore.c:2483): Restoring FAILED.

And from  the local rhel 8.3 vm  to the google cloud rhel 8.3 vm, I got:
bad mode 040555 (expect 040755) 
So bad mode in reverse.

Any ideas on how to do a workaround? not necessarily a permanent fix.

The container is a podman container: quay.io/adrianreber/counter

Best regards,
Ali Hamieh
, PhD