This is with Podman v3.4.2 on RHEL 8.1. 


I have an IP address ( that I don’t recognize in a Grafana container log.  This IP address isn’t tied to any other containers that I’m running as rootful. 


I’m getting errors tied to this IP address as I can only view the Grafana UI from my RHEL8 workstation, and when others try to access the UI, they get a type of banner screen stating Grafana isn’t able to load its application file.


This is the error message:  ERRO[03-28|12:22:46] Error writing to response     logger=context err=”write tcp -> write: broken pipe”


I’m not using a container orchestrator at this time, we just piloting Prometheus/Grafana, to see how it works out in our environment.


These are the containers and their IP addresses below (all being run as rootful):


Prometheus –

Prometheus Node Exporter –

Nexus –

Grafana –





Chris Miller

Altron INC.