Thanks, I have also opened in the meantime as suggested by Daniel Walsh.

On 11/30/20 11:19 AM, Valentin Rothberg wrote:
Hi Hendrik,

Thanks for reaching out!

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 11:38 PM Hendrik Haddorp <> wrote:

I'm using podman 2.1.1 and noticed an odd behavior of podman. I created
a test image that takes several minutes to stop when the container got
signaled to stop. So when I call podman stop with a long timeout the
call hangs a few minutes until the container stops. When I use a second
terminal while the podman stop call is wating for the container to stop
some podman calls hang as well. For example a podman inspect on the same
container or a simple podman ps hangs. If I use ctrl-c to kill the
earlier podman stop call then those hanging commands continue straight
away. Are things supposed to behave that way?

Yes, that's expected behaviour. The container is locked while it's being stopped.  The lock blocks other commands from using the container.

I am optimistic that we can improve the locking and introduce an intermediate state between "running" and "stopped" and unlock the container.  I am pulling Matt Heon who likely has the best understanding how we can achieve it.

Matt, what do you think? 

Kind regards,
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