Hallo Valentin, thanks for response.

I'm a bit skeptical about strace. It needs to be run inside a container. strace uses shared libraries but registry container is based on busybox and required libraries are just not there, even libc is different.

I put registry container inside a pod and when register terminates after exit from ssh session, pod also is stopped cannot be restarted anymore. On attempt to start the pod the following error is returned:

error starting container cf38918cdcd10310cf0b339b429d767e03ff8b221d40d73244f918208d672582: command rootless-cni-infra [alloc cf38918cdcd10310cf0b339b429d767e03ff8b221d40d73244f918208d672582 regnet registry   ] in container ff259455829ebb5035e1bd68f75517d7c8983741be347c95967817ed3e3ff6f6 failed with status 1, stdout="", stderr="failed to open netns \"/proc/3037/ns/net\": failed to Statfs \"/proc/3037/ns/net\": no such file or directory\n"

If I stop the pod with registry properly (podman pod stop) then it can be started back without problems.

When I try to cleanup the problem removing the pod, I see the following errors:

registry@cronos:~$ podman pod rm registry
ERRO[0000] Error removing container 719c2f2059039d409c9ff7c35b9624f144a0853b1c85848efbdddeb06fddb416 from pod 097d2adb0d65bf8598537c0bb79d2e771fabbb0be726d010e34743075b154541: error freeing lock for container 719c2f2059039d409c9ff7c35b9624f144a0853b1c85848efbdddeb06fddb416: no such file or directory
ERRO[0000] Error removing container cf38918cdcd10310cf0b339b429d767e03ff8b221d40d73244f918208d672582 from pod 097d2adb0d65bf8598537c0bb79d2e771fabbb0be726d010e34743075b154541: error freeing lock for container cf38918cdcd10310cf0b339b429d767e03ff8b221d40d73244f918208d672582: no such file or directory
ERRO[0000] Error freeing pod 097d2adb0d65bf8598537c0bb79d2e771fabbb0be726d010e34743075b154541 lock: no such file or directory
Error: error freeing lock for container 507b1a22cfbec0d6fe11cd513c0e7d31e6a36f5cf036844e03de02d1eda83765: no such file or directory

Are these errors related to corrupt /tmp/podman-run-20000 or /tmp/run-2000 contents? Is it possible that some files under /tmp/podman-run-20000 or /tmp/run-20000 are somehow  removed on ssh session exit and crash the container?

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On 31.05.2021 10:34, Valentin Rothberg wrote:
Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out.

On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 10:33 PM Michael Ivanov <ivans@isle.spb.ru> wrote:

Not sure whether it is a right place o ask, but still. I am trying to run docker registry
in rootless podman. I have created a 'register' user and started the registry with the
following command:

   podman run --privileged -d  --name registry -p 5000:5000 -v /srv/registry:/var/lib/registry  --restart=always registry:latest

(/srv/registry belongs to 'registry' user, so should be visible in rootless container
as belonging to root).

So far so good, I test the register with podman search and it returns expected results.
But as soon as I exit the ssh session in which I started the container, container
terminates, not immediately but in half minute or so. There;s no diagnostic about
the reason in podman logs, nor in /var/syslog, nor in dmesg output. Just in case
I tried to start it with nohup - same result. I also tried to start it as a service
using the following file:

   Description=Containers registry
   After=syslog.target network.target

   ExecStart=/usr/bin/podman start registry
   ExecStop=/usr/bin/podman stop -t 60 registry


And it still terminates in about half a minute after service startup.

How can I find at least some indication about why this happens?

You could use strace on the container process and the corresponding conmon process to see what's going on.

I suspect that the container is getting killed, probably by systemd.  Can you try using `podman-generate-systemd` for generating the systemd unit file?

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