If I have a running container, and get the ID by issuing this command:

$podman ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                           COMMAND    CREATED       STATUS                PORTS  NAMES
bc41dd5034b8  registry.redhat.io/ubi8:latest  /bin/bash  25 hours ago  Up About an hour ago         tender_curran

And then create an image from that container, giving it the same name of an already existing image  ($podman <id_of_container> <name_of_image>:

$podman commit  bc41dd5034b8 ubi8-template

It appears that the previously existing image, with the same name is kept, with an entry like so:

$podman images
<none>                            <none>   b3cb81594745   About an hour ago   1.35 GB

Is it OK to delete this <none> image? or is it attached in any way to the container that replaced it?

Why is it created?  I simply want to overwrite destructively the image with the same name.  Is there a command line switch that will prevent these <none> images?