pá 10. 6. 2022 v 14:49 odesílatel Miloslav Trmac <mitr@redhat.com> napsal:
pá 10. 6. 2022 v 2:02 odesílatel Do Not Reply <nobody@podman.io> napsal:
Detected one or more Cirrus-CI cron-triggered jobs have failed recently:

Cron build 'main' Failed: https://cirrus-ci.com/build/6560270079229952
Cron build 'release-1.4' Failed: https://cirrus-ci.com/build/4839380232699904
Cron build 'release-1.3' Failed: https://cirrus-ci.com/build/6090616479154176

These are real: k8s.gcr.io/coredns/coredns got some Cosign signatures, which are OCI artifacts, and c/image / Skopeo can’t currently copy those.

I suppose there’s no point in delaying adding OCI artifact support, if only just enough for (skopeo sync) to work without having to understand the signatures. I’ll start working on that now.

Gah! I made some progress on that in https://github.com/containers/image/pull/1574 (although I’m not quite happy with it yet), but it turns out that our testing environment only runs a very old registry that can’t accept OCI artifacts.

I think that’s https://github.com/containers/automation_images/blob/cd4d8090dbbd5dc1d109a9d5b7182fe91074e13b/skopeo_cidev/Containerfile#L15 , isn’t it?

At this point I think insisting on just fixing the failure on the main branch becomes impractical. Let’s use some other repo for testing, like on the old branches, and then we can:
  • Update the registry used for CI
  • Take the necessary time to handle OCI artifacts and compression correctly
  • Split the OCI artifact work into smaller PRs
  • … defer actually finishing the OCI artifact support, because something else will probably come up …
So, https://github.com/containers/skopeo/pull/1672 + https://github.com/containers/skopeo/issues/1673 .