Yes, if you want to remove the file completely from the image run the two commands in one go

RUN wget http://some_url_with_file -O /your_file && rm /your_file

On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 2:47 PM Michael Ivanov <> wrote:
Hallo, thanks for the reply.

So then the files are still occupying the disk space but I do not see them.
Is it possible to somehow merge the base image into the one being created
instead of keeping base as separate image? Then I guess the deleted files
should not take any space?


On 10.09.2021 11:43, Dmitry Misharov wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> It's not the issue. When you copy, create, install some files
> in one layer and delete them in another the files still
> will be persist in the resulting image but you will not see
> them the shell. It's applicable not only for buildah.
> Here is some example dockerfile excerpt:
> RUN wget http://some_url_with_file -O /your_file
> RUN rm /your_file
> Here we create two layers. One downloads a file and
> another deletes it. Container images layers use OverlayFS
> to combines multiple different underlying mount points into one.

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